Thursday, March 4, 2010

E Z Hyoung - Radio Dayz (2006)

My first encounter with the rock-pop stylings of E Z Hyoung was on Mintpaper's compilation series, Story of Dogs, which collected a number of indie names who then crafted songs around the topic of dogs. My second encounter with E Z Hyoung would be on Toy's sixth album, Thank You, where he lent his pleasant vocals on a ballad track. Having had two positive experiences with him so far, I decided to pick up his first album, Radio Dayz.

Like many Korean rock-pop acts, E Z Hyoung's music has a noticeable Beatles influence. Also like many Korean rock-pop peers, E Z Hyoung has ballad tendencies and Radio Dayz has more than a couple ballads, but they resist being categorized into the pure pop ballad. Overall, E Z Hyoung's style on Radio Dayz is easygoing and amicable, the kind of music you can have playing in the background as you run around on a warm summer day. Strong songwriting keeps every track interesting, but none of them sport the kind of hooks that would make Radio Dayz a chart or radio staple, despite its immediate accessibility.

All in all, I have to say that Radio Dayz is a fine example of indie rock-pop, well executed and easy on the ears. You might say that Radio Dayz could be too easy on the ears, but I think there's plenty to find appreciable about the album even if there is no mind-blowingly outstanding track or ridiculously infectious single. A decent listen. 7/10.


  1. Nobody Likes Me
  2. Radio Dayz
  3. 몽상가들
  4. Love Paisley Love
  5. 눈이 마주친 하늘
  6. 푸른자전거
  7. Running Man
  8. 11월
  9. 항해
  10. Baby Baby
  11. Tea Party
  12. Radio Dayz (mix)
  13. Spin